Cyclist Massage 

  60 - Minute Appointment - $65  

While cycling is considered to be a lower impact activity than others such as running, it is still physically demanding with common areas where pain occurs from spending time in the saddle putting in kilometres. These include tight and painful muscles of the legs,  especially quadriceps (the front of the thighs) and hamstrings (the back of the thigh) and the calves. Other muscles that are susceptible to pain are glutes and piriformis (muscle within the buttocks) and the tensor fasciae latae and psoas (muscles of the hip)  Riding position can cause neck and lower back pain

Cycling may be a form of transport getting you to and from work each day or a way to sustain your fitness. Maybe you ride to win or it's just something you do for pleasure that gets you out with friends. It doesn't matter which it is, your body is the engine of your bike, the powerplant that keeps you moving. It's no different to the engine in your car, it requires maintenance and servicing to ensure that it stays operating at its best and does not suffer damage. Massage needs to be part of that servicing program.


So how is a massage going to help me?

Most of the pain experienced by a cyclist is associated with fatigue and muscle tightness due to the repetitive contraction of the muscle. Massage increases the rate in which the muscle recovers by gently stretching the muscle fibres back into a relaxed lengthened state. It also increases circulation through the muscle improving the delivery of nutrients required for tissue repair and promoting the removal of wastes from the tissues. Additionally, the relaxation and lengthening of the muscle fibres reduce the tension on both the ligaments and tendons and increases flexibility and range of motion of the joints, which then decreases the risk of injuries. 


So why is a massage with Laxare Massage different? 

When you book a massage, you are not booking a "whole-body massage" where the massage is the same for everyone. You are booking an appointment where the time is taken to assess your body and find out about you, your activities/sports,  your pain, your concerns, your needs and together we tailor a strategy that best fits you and your body.