Do You Suffer Back Pain 

  60 - Minute Appointment $65  

Back pain leaves you limited in your movement and feeling uncomfortable while taking the enjoyment out of activities. Many causes of back pain are associated with tension and tightness of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and reducing the tightness and tension in them can see back pain relieved. 

So how is a massage going to help me?

It is advised that when experiencing back pain it is important to continue gentle movements to keep the muscles from locking up. Massage gently moves muscle allowing them to be stretched and relaxed and is an excellent way to regain movement and experience pain relief. 

Ongoing regular massage will keep the muscle supple and improve your flexibility, reducing the risk of pain reoccurring


So why is a massage with Laxare Massage different? 

When you book a massage you are not booking a "whole-body massage" where the massage is the same for everyone. You are booking an appointment where the time is taken to assess your body and find out about you, your activities,  your pain, your concerns, your needs and together we tailor a strategy that best fits you and your body.