Do You Suffer from Neck Pain 

  30 - Minute Neck Pain Treatment - $40  

For some, neck pain it comes from sitting at a desk working at a computer all day, others from just the repetitive movement of their job or maybe you read in bed with your neck in an awkward position.  According to Australian statistics, the average Australian will spend a third of their time awake on technology and many of them will do so in a position that puts stress on the muscles of their neck and upper back, causing neck pain known as "tech neck". 

So how is a massage going to help me?

By massaging and lengthening the muscle fibres these muscles will become relaxed, improving the movement of your neck and alleviating your pain.


Not only will the massage leave you more comfortable and flexible in the neck, with the muscle tension gone you will be less likely to suffer from tension headaches and be able to enjoy a better quality of sleep, leaving you rejuvenated and more focused. 

So why is a massage with Laxare Massage different? 

When you book a massage you are not booking a "whole-body massage" where the massage is the same for everyone, you are booking an appointment where the time is taken to assess your body and find out about you, your activities,  your pain, your concerns, your needs and together we tailor a strategy that best fits you and your body.