Massage for Runners 

  60 - Minute Appointment - $65  

Running as part of a fitness program or training for that next event can leave you feeling stiff,  tight and unbalanced, all because your body is taking more of a pounding than the pavement.  Muscle tightness can cause a deterioration of your running style which may result in injury and pain, such as the onset of tendonitis, shin splints or a muscle strain or tears. 

Common areas of concern for runners include the muscles of the legs such as the quadriceps (front of the thighs), the hamstrings (back of the thighs) and the calves as well as the glutes (the buttocks). Other regions that may be also affected by running style and posture, and experience pain after running are the rhomboids (between the shoulder blades and the trapezius (where the shoulder joins the neck).

So how is a massage going to help me?

Massage reduces muscle tightness by stretching and releasing your muscle fibres, returning them to their lengthened relaxed state. Increasing your flexibility and the ability to return to your natural running style reduces the stress placed on ligaments, tendons and joints, and reduces the risk of injury.  


The benefits of massage are not limited to injury prevention. The improved flexibility and increased range of motion that comes with it will see you able to increase your stride length and result in you being able to go further and faster. 

So why is a massage with Laxare Massage different? 

When you book a massage, you are not booking a "whole-body massage" where the massage is the same for everyone. You are booking an appointment where the time is taken to assess your body and find out about you, your activities/sports,  your pain, your concerns, your needs and together we tailor a strategy that best fits you and your body.